Fall Out Boy - Save Rock and Roll sheet music

The band Fall Out Boy is one of the most known on the market due to their spectacular style and irreplaceable songs.

Talking about their performances, an appreciated song that belongs to them is "Save Rock and Roll", which was included on their fifth released album, with the same name, which delighted the fans since April 12, 2013. The producer of the album was Butch Walker, who brought his contribution to the upward success that followed the release.

Still, the album had a second release just immediately after the song mentioned, "Save Rock and Roll".

Looking back to their past, the band made in 2009 the decision to take a break, after they played the song in numerous tours. After this decision, they decided to give the band a chance, but not immediately, but in the future of that moment.

The evolution of the song was remarkable, considering that the containing album it was placed on the first position on the U.S. Billboard 200, having an impressive number of sales.

In this way, it became the second song of the band that was a number one in tops. The message of the song left space for interpretations, but as the title and lyrics suggest, it is about saving a well-known genre of music, in a grey world.

The main idea is actually related to feelings, expressing the thoughts of a person hurt by someone else, most probably a lover, who left behind him tears and discouragement for the broken one. The ego, represented in the song’s notes and words, by the singer, is emphasizing the fact that he found music as a refuge or a thing that is worth care.

Loud voices and background, both high and low notes are comprised by the song, but this does not mean that it could not be played as a piano melody, with charm and spirit, using contrasting keys, as the lyrics of the song.

Fans appreciated the song, they appreciated the album that includes it and they appreciate the band, for sure.

All these being said, no matter if you feel more attracted by the other songs of the album or by "Save Rock and Roll", it is worth to give it a try and play their magnificent songs in your own style.

The Save Rock and Roll free piano sheet and video tutorial below might be useful.

And all this because, at the end, maybe there is need for someone to save rock and roll.

Piano tutorial and cover

Save Rock and Roll - Fall Out Boy piano tutorial

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