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"Dog and Butterfly" is the title name of a song by the American rock band Heart.

Being the title single from the band’s studio album number four, which was released on the 7th of October, year 1978, "Dog and Butterfly" is part of a double Platinum certified album, which reached the top 20 of the US Billboard 200 charts.

The album’s name was referring to the fact that side one of the CD was presenting more "rock" songs and the side two was containing songs resembling more to ballads.

"Dog and Butterfly" was the first track of side two and was written by sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, the lead singer and the guitarist, alongside Sue Ennis.

"Dog and Butterfly" was released as single number two from the album, following "Straight On". A song that is highly influenced by the folk rock genre, it also started to differ and mark the change of the Heart style, from a more hard rock aggressive one to a softer vibe.

Being part of an experimental and innovative album, "Dog and Butterfly" got released in March, 1979 by the label Portrait Records, produced by Mike Flicker, who recorded their first five albums.

"Dog and Butterfly" was not extremely successful on the charts, but achieved medium appreciation by ranking at place number 51 on the Canadian Singles Charts, in the US hitting 34 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and one rank lower on the Adult Contemporary Charts. In France though, it even made it to top ten, hitting seventh place on the French Singles Charts.

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Dog and Butterfly - Heart piano tutorial

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