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"Black Velvet" is a blues rock song by Canadian singer Alannah Myles.

Written by Alannah’s ex-boyfriend, Christopher Ward, alongside David Tyson, both from Canada, the single got released on the 17th of December 1989 and was included on her debut album titled "Alannah Myles".

Being single number one from a total of four, it moved on to became her most famous song when it managed to chart for more than 10 days at the top place of the Billboard Hot 100 in 1990.

"Black Velvet" also reached the top of the Album Rock Tracks charts and in her home country it managed to top the charts as well, another feat being the fact that it got to second place on the UK Singles charts.

In 1990, at the Grammy Awards, Alannah Myles received the Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocalist, thanks to "Black Velvet". A great radio hit as well, in 2005 the single was given a "Millionaire Award" by ASCAP. It is said that the song was played more than four million times on the radio.

Christopher Ward says that the inspiration from the song comes from his riding a bus filled with fans of Elvis Presley, the idea being furthered by David Tyson, who compose the chords first and then wrote the bridge for the track.

A great hit internationally, "Black Velvet" reached the top of the Norwegian, Swedish, Swish charts, as well as making it into the top 3 in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and New Zealand. In Ireland it peaked at fourth, while barely making the top 10 in Canada.

A wonderful rock song by a great voice, "Black Velvet" is now available for the piano as well.

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Black Velvet - Alannah Myles piano tutorial

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