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On the 12th February 2001, German Neue Deutsche Härte band Rammstein released one of their best songs, Sonne.

Sonne was the first song to be released from the album Mutter.

Now you can find the Sonne free sheet music for piano playing on our website.

The song Deutschland was released in 2019 features at the end of the song a piano-based version of Sonne.

Till Lindemann, Rammstein’s lead singer, stated that the song initially was written to be an intro to boxer Vitali Klitschko. The first version of the song, "Klitschko", was released on the 16th of April 2000. The initial version was very different from the one which was officially released on the Muter album.

On our website, you’ll find the sheet music of Sonne’s Mutter version for piano, not the Klitschko one.

The song was recorded in May and June 2000, one year before it was made public, in Miraval, Correns, France.

Sonne’s main musical genres include, Neue Deutsche Härte and industrial metal, two of Rammstein’s favorite ones.

The music video of the song features Snow White and some dwarfs. The dwarfs are mining gold for Snow White inside a mine.

In the song’s writing, all band members were involved: Richard Z. Kruspe, Paul Landers, Till Lindemann, Christian Lorenz, Oliver Riedel and Christoph Schneider.

Sonne was produced by the band with help from Jacob Hellner.

It has a length of 4 minutes and 32 seconds, and it’s one of Rammtein’s most loved songs.

The song was well received worldwide, peaking good positions on musical charts like Austria’s Ö3 Austria Top 40 on the 5th position or Spain’s Productores de Música de España chart.

Of course, the best position was in Germany, on the Official German Charts where it reached the second place.

Now, let us jump to the piano sheet music, which you can get absolutely free below on this page. Enjoy and have fun while playing!

Piano tutorial and cover

Sonne - Rammstein piano tutorial

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