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On the 25 March 2002, German band Rammstein released one of their best songs, Mutter.

Mutter is a beautiful mix between the Neue deutsche härte and symphonic metal musical genres.

This song was the 4th single from their third studio album with the same name.

Vocalist Till Lindemann and guitarist Richard Kruspe stated that this song is a reference to their unhappy childhoods and poor relationships with their mothers.

The video of Mutter was released about the same time as the song. The video follows the sorrows of an baby born via an experiment, and not via a natural birth. This symbolizes the fact that the baby doesn’t have a real mother nor father, thus marking the grief that he wants real parents.

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The lyrics and video follows the narrative in which the baby plans for a revenge on its mother:

"who never gave birth to him"

And afterwards himself.

The main actor of the video is the band’s lead singer, Till Lindemann. He is shown as:

monstrous character who kills his mother and then dumps her body in a river before ending up locked in an underground cage

The song was first played in April of 2000 for a restricted crowd made up only from members of the private Rammstein fan group.

The song was played throughout every performance of the Mutter tour and only in rare occasions on the Pledge of Allegiances tour in North America.

Then, they took a break for playing it on tours until 2011. Since 2011, it was played at mostly every Rammstein concert.

Rammstein’s Mutter song was recorded between May and June 2000 at the Miraval studio in Correns, France.

To the song’s writing, all of Rammstein members participated: Richard Z. Kruspe, Paul Landers, Till Lindemann, Christian Lorenz, Oliver Riedel, Christoph Schneider

The song was released under Motor’s record label umbrella.

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Mutter - Rammstein piano tutorial

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