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"I will remember You" is a song written by Sarah McLachlan, Dave Merenda and Seamus Egan and it was inspired from Seamus Egan’s instrumental solo called "Weep Not for the Memories", released in 1990.

The two of them, Sarah and Dave, added lyrics and modified the song and melody version, and it appeared the first time on a movie soundtrack, with the name of "The Brothers McMullen", in 1995. When released, the song peaked at number 65 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number 10 in Canada.

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In addition, another version of the song was released in 1999 album Mirrorball. The version had three verses and was called "Rarities" version.

The live version was also released in 1999 and peaked the boards in US and Canada, after which in 2000, the song earned Sarah her second Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

If we look at its reception, "I will Remember You" stood only on the top of the charts, starting with January 20, 1996, then 1999 and being so good, the song sold more than two million copies worldwide as of February 2000.

The lyrics are very touching, referring to the lost love she had, but not wanting to lose it forever, embracing change, not living in the past, "Weep not for the memories". The voice from the songs tells her lover to remember her and do not let life pass by, because she was so in love with him, so eager to become the one, and does not want to lose everything they experienced together. The song is deep, talking about the fear, the edge, and the memories and of course, hope of love.

Not a lot of covers, but we can mention Kenny Rogers on his 1999 album, Seamus Egan band in their 2000 album and also, very important aspect, the song opened one of the greatest series of all times that we all know, "Melrose Place" season finale, in 1999.

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I Will Remember You - Sarah McLachlan piano tutorial

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