Francis Lai - (Where Do I Begin?) Love Story sheet music

An unmistakable composition firstly belonging to Francis Lai, the emotional song (Where Do I Begin?) Love Story reached the 9th place on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

The song was number one on the Easy Listening Chart for an entire month, and, on the United Kingdom Singles Chart, it reached the fourth position, being originally recorded by Andy Williams.

In addition, proud of his composition, Lai himself recorded a version of the song, together with a full orchestra, creating an amazing array of melodious sounds.

Other great musicians who tried to best fit their soul and voice to the famous love song were Shirley Bassey, Patricia Kaas, Richard Claydermann and many other known names of the music industry.

Some of them included it on their albums, keeping it as it was originally created, others adapting the song, keeping the intensity of emotions it causes. Such examples are Aurelian Andreescu, Mireille Mathieu, G Fla, Nora Aunor, Italian Patty Pravo.

They performed the translated song created by Sergio Bardotti, called "Grazie amore mio", and more recently Donald Braswell, in 2007 or Barry Manilow, in 2010.

In addition, there were spectacular uses of the song, numerous covers, which transformed the original sound into an innovative composition. The (Where Do I Begin?) Love Story free piano sheet music is an astonishing composition.

Among the artists that actually succeeded in doing this, being

  • Immortal Technique, who used (Where Do I Begin?) Love Story's melodic line as a background in the song "Dance with the Devil", creating an innovative combination of music styles.
  • Sergio Franchi, who recorded the song in 1971 Metromedia album, titled "Sergio Franchi".
  • Estonian band MIR, who recorded an Estonian version of the song the same year.
  • Ray Conniff, whose version became original through the replacement of the pronoun "she" with "you", making the message to be directly addressed, more subjective and with a more powerful significance regarding the feelings it transmitted.
  • N.EX.T also created an instrumental cover for this song and included it in their album "The Return of Next, Part 2".

In 2007, another cover was recorded on the album "New Chapter", belonging to Donald Braswell.

Away Team's version of (Where Do I Begin?) Love Story was featured in the Showtime TV series "The L word", making the song even better known, and one action that emphasized the song's love message, was its recording on the 2010 album "The Greatest Love Songs of All Time", belonging to Barry Manilow, who performed the song live accompanied by Conan O'Brien, on the penultimate Tonight Show.

Because of its unique characteristics, "(Where Do I Begin?) Love Story" was not used only in the film where it first appeared, but also as a theme song in 2011, for the movie "In The Name Of Love".

Released by Star Cinema in the Philippines, the cover was performed by Gary Valenciano, and an instrumental version appeared as well in 2012 during episodes 1 and 3 of the Korean drama "Love Rain".

The gentle and deep musical notes of the piano scores of the song, accompanied by the magnificent substance of the words it includes, made (Where Do I Begin?) Love Story free piano sheets become an extraordinary way of expressing the deepest feelings when mouth can’t say anything at all…

Piano tutorial and cover

(Where Do I Begin?) Love Story - Francis Lai piano tutorial

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