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One of the most famous songs we all know, Billie Jean, written and composed by Michael Jackson, was released in 1983.

The song had an enormous success and was in the same time loved and criticized, mostly because nobody knew exactly the meaning of the lyrics.

Some say that there was a real story behind "Billie Jean", in which a female fan of Jackson declared that one of her sons was Michael's, and other just believe Michael Jackson, when he said that the song was based on groupies he had encountered.

Anyway, it became world wide known and loved, took a lot of awards and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in 1989. Not only this, but it is among the most famous songs in the world.

The real story behind the lyrics is based on a real story about a group of girls that always waited backstage for famous artists and had relationships with them, afterwards sustaining that they were carrying their children.

Michael could never understand this kind of behavior, how could someone lie about the provenience of a baby.

Although the song is rather sad than happy when referring to the lyrics, it is quite rhymed and lively when listened to.

"Billie Jean" manages to send us intense feelings, rhythm and a real story behind.

Also, the video was one of the most important ones at that time, being among the first videos by a black artist broadcast by MTV channel, although it was thought that black music wasn't "rock" enough.

In the music video, Michael Jackson is followed by a paparazzo that never catches him, and when the photographs are developed, Michael is not there so he never gets the chance to prove the story with all the ladies and the children that weren't his.

Billie Jean's free piano sheet is available for download below.

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Billie Jean - Michael Jackson piano tutorial

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