Michael Jackson - Heal The World sheet music

Among the other love and environment songs that Michael Jackson wrote, "Heal the World" is a ballad from the artist's well-known album, "Dangerous"- 1991.

Jackson absolutely loved this song and was most proud to have created. He believed so much in love and world peace, so he did all his best to send this message to the entire world.

He wrote these lyrics from the bottom of his heart and succeeded to make it very clear for each of us, how important is to take care of the world we live in... make it a better place.

He wanted to remind us that we all have a place in our heart named "love", through which we can make anything come true. The free Heal the World piano sheet music express this very well.

Through this song, he awakens everyone into the right direction, that is to help, to love and to really try to change the place you live in.

The most touching lyric of this song, if there could be one chosen, I believe it's the one saying, "stop existing and start living", an impulse to wake up and fight.

"Heal the World" is written in the key of A major and has 80 beats per minute.

The song was number two in UK Singles Chart in 1992 and won a lot of other prizes through the years.

The music video is really sad and touching, showing children in poor and in sickness, but also showing them playing in nature, so that it would make you really feel the need to create a better world for them, who could be you or your children.

And the most intense feeling that Michael manages to makes us feel, just like he says in the song, is to make a better world "for you and for me", line that show that we are all one, no matter the color, the gender or the age.

The Heal the World free piano sheets are available for download below.

Piano tutorial and cover

Heal The World - Michael Jackson piano tutorial

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