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"With or Without You" by U2 is one of the most successful songs ever released by the Irish rock band.

"With or Without You" was released on 16 March 1987. It has a length of 4:56. The song was recorded in 1986 at the Danesmoate House in Dublin, Ireland. It managed to keep the first position of the Billboard Hot 100 in US and Canada for 3 weeks. It had the same performance on the RPM national singles chart, but only for one week.

The track is part of the album "The Joshua Tree", which was released in March 1987. "The Joshua Tree" is one of U2's best and most successful albums. It's the band's best and fastest-selling album in Great Britain. The album also dominated for nine weeks the top position of the Billboard 200 music chart in U.S.

"With or Without You", along with "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", also from the "The Joshua Tree" album, became number one hits that stayed in top positions in the US and international music charts for a long time. They gave U2 the boost they needed and marked the spot for the Irish rock band as being one of the best in the world.

Before the song "With or Without You" was released, a demo was written by U2's vocalist Bono. The piano sheet music of the song "With or Without You" by U2 is composed in the key D major, and is available for download as pdf. "With or Without You" has sheet music available for piano and keyboard. The song begins with a minimal drum beat of eighth notes played by Mullen.

"With or Without You" piano sheet music is written in a 4/4 time signature. The track tempo is 110 beats per minute. The hit's piano score has a range from Bb3 up to Eb6.

The lyrics of U2's song can have a dual interpretation. On one side the song can be referred to a religious context, and at the other side it can be about a complicated relationship between two lovers. This can be seen in the following lyrics

I can't live

With or without you

These lyrics have a profound meaning, and it exposes the complicated situation of the two lovers, that they can’t be together, but actually living apart or living their lives without each other is very painful. The hard situation is illustrated with the lyric

Stone set in your eyes

which lets us know that the girl is unhappy and this can be seen in her eyes.

He considers the she got him "with Nothing to win and Nothing left to lose", because being with her is hard, due to the fact that he wants her too bad. But also not being with her will make him end up with a lot of pain and suffering. Both choices kind of get him in the same place.

"With or Without You" piano sheets are available for download below, for anybody who wants to try this song out.

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With or Without You - U2 piano tutorial

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