Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F (Beverly Hills Cop Theme Song) sheet music

Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer is the theme song of the movie Beverly Hills Cop from 1984.

It is performed by Harold Faltermeyer himself.

The track is recorded with five instruments: a Roland Jupiter-8, a Moog modular synthesizer 15, a Roland JX-3P, and Roland JX-8P and Yamaha DX7.

The free Axel F piano sheet music is composed in the original key of F minor.

The song title comes from the main character's name from the movie, Axel Foley, which is played by the famous actor Eddie Murphy.

The free Axel F piano sheet music of Harold Faltermeyer has a moderately fast tempo.

Aside from the fact that the song is a Beverly Hills Cop’s soundtrack, it also belongs on Faltermeyer's album Harold F., from 1988.

The song is a bonus track on the album.

Even if Faltermeyer did not want to include it on the album, the MCA record label insisted because the track became very popular.

Moreover, as it got very popular, the theme song reached number 2 on the U.K. Singles Chart and number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S.

In addition, not to forget that it was an international number one hit in 1985.

The band Crazy Frog recorded the song in 2005, which was released with the same original name Axel F.

Matthias Wagner and Andreas Dohmeyer had produced the cover, while the remix has been made by Henning Reith and Reinhard DJ Voodoo Raith.

Later, Wolfgang Boss and Jamster! have been the ones who arranged the remix, and soon after that, they sold it as a ringtone.

Daniel Malmedahl recorded the vocal in 1997, using almost the same part of the original used in Jamster's ringtone.

Crazy Frog’s version had also a great chart performance.

It stayed at top of the U.K. chart for about 4 weeks and got No. 77 on French Singles Chart on June 11th, 2005.

Next week it moved to No. 2, where it stayed for 2 weeks.

The Axel F piano scores and tabs keep the original song's rhythm and message intact.

Piano tutorial and cover

Axel F (Beverly Hills Cop Theme Song) - Harold Faltermeyer piano tutorial

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