Jackson Browne - The Load Out sheet music

This amazing song is part of the album named "Running on Empty" from Jackson Browne. The Load Out was written by Jackson Browne and Bryan Garofalo and it is a tribute to Jackson’s roadies and fans.

It was also a hit that supported the tour in the name of The Pretender album. The song is about the daily customs of a music band.

Looking into the free The Load Out piano sheets composition, we can find elements like guitar, vocals, piano, bass guitar, and drums.

It reached the 20th position in US Billboard Hot 100. The Load Out was also recorded in 1981 by Austrian singer Georg Danzer, German version that was named Roadie-Lied.

The lyrics are describing the band’s activities during a road crew on a concert tour, the feelings, and what happens in between.

The Load Out video shows us Jackson Browne playing piano and David Lindley playing the lap steel guitar. The feeling of the song is sad enough, but if you look deep inside the meaning of it, you see it is not necessarily sad.

The author tries to send a message of the road band and tours, who leave last the stage, do not worry about money, and are the champions.

I believe you would give a personal touch to the song, trying to play the free The Load Out piano sheet music at your piano in your home.

Piano tutorial and cover

The Load Out - Jackson Browne piano tutorial

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