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This is a song from Toto’s album named "Toto IV", released on the 10th of May 1982. It is written by David Paich and Jeff Porcaro and it is was released as the third album’s single.

Toto’s performance was well appreciated by critics and the song reached number one on the US’ Billboard Hot 100, went top ten in UK, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland.

Also, to be mentioned, Africa reached number 3 on the US Adult Top 40. The song was listed in the music magazine NME, appeared on tv shows like Stranger Things, South Park or Family Guy.

The idea of Africa came from David Paich, who was trying his keyboard and discovered the brassy sound that became the opening riff. He loved the chorus and he considered it was something from above that made him that good.

The original lyrics were changed after 6 months from the first outcome. The lyrics are about a man’s love for a continent, more than just a normal romance.

The composers tried to write a song about a continent they have never been to. They did that by imagining in their head how it would have been and remembering the images they have seen on TV documentaries.

The free Africa piano sheets will make you love the spirit of the song and understand it better.

The video is about a researcher in a library, that searches after pictures and books about Africa.

He finds the book called Africa and there are scenes that show a spinning globe and Toto band performing on a top of a stack of giant hardcover books, and the book called Africa is on the top.

The video was a success, with over 564 million views on YouTube.

Looking into Africa’s composition, the song has a bass drum, snare drum, hi-hat, and conga. We can also hear percussion, marimba, backing vocals, and acoustic guitar. The Backbeat is on 3 and has a relative tempo.

You should try playing free Africa piano sheet music from Toto at your piano at home, with the help of our website.

Piano tutorial and cover

Africa - Toto piano tutorial

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