Billy Joel - She's Always a Woman sheet music

One of the best-selling music artists of all time, Billy Joel enchants us with his wonderful voice, in a 1977 song - She's Always a Woman.

Billy Joel is an American artist, acting as a composer, singer, and songwriter.

He is known as the "Piano Man", due to his biggest hit and signature song – Piano Man.

He has been active in a solo career since 1970 and has released 12 studio albums.

She's Always a Woman was released by Billy Joel in 1977, as part of the artist’s album named The Stranger, and as a single, having Movin’ Out on its B-side.

The song was released as a love song, through Columbia records.

The authors of the free She's Always a Woman piano sheets are Billy Joel as a writer and Phil Ramone as a producer.

The song has a length of 3:21 minutes and Joel declared that he tried to replicate the fingerpicking common in folk guitar music.

The way he managed to accomplish this was by playing arpeggiated triads in the right hand.

The main purpose of the composition of the free She's Always a Woman piano sheet music was to capture the purity of the tune as a folk song.

She's Always a Woman was composed in the key of Eb major, has a meter of 6/8 and it begins with singing over the chords.

The story behind the lyrics is regarding the love the author has for his wife, Elizabeth Weber, who loved him and was very supportive all their life.

She was considered a tough woman who could "wound with her eyes" and "never give in".

Once released, the song had incredible success, topping the charts and being loved by the public and critics.

Today you can try it at your own piano at home and please don’t forget to let us know your feedback afterward.

Piano tutorial and cover

She's Always a Woman - Billy Joel piano tutorial

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