Katrina and the Waves - Love Shine a Light sheet music

Love Shine a Light is a song by Katrina and the Waves, composed by the group’s guitarist as a request from the brother of the group’s drummer Alex Cooper.

Katrina and the Waves were a British-American band, specialized in rock music and best known for their amazing hit Walking on Sunshine and the winner of the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest - Love Shine a Light.

The band consisted of four members - Alex Cooper, Vince de la Cruz, Kimberley Rew, and Katrina Leskanich, and it was active from 1981 until 1999.

We chose one of their most famous songs to be our sheet of the day, so the free Love Shine a Light piano sheet music is here, helping you learn how to play it by yourself at your piano at home.

Love Shine a Light was released in 1997 as a pop song and the lead song of the band’s album named Walk on Water.

The song was written and composed by Kimberly Rew and was the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997.

It performed really well, making many other artists winning different contests and being covered by artists like Christer Lundh, Christian Ander, DJ Mauro Farina, Lee Matthews, and many others.

The free Love Shine a Light piano sheets are a full of energy song, sending all the love through its melodic line and lyrics.

The story behind the lyrics of Love Shine a Light is very close to love and God, as the song may also be considered also an anthem:

Love shine a light, in every corner of my heart

Let the love light carry, let the love light carry

Light up the magic in every little part

Let our love shine a light, in every corner of our hearts

Love shine a light, in every corner of my dreams

Piano tutorial and cover

Love Shine a Light - Katrina and the Waves piano tutorial

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