Sting - Desert Rose sheet music

"Desert Rose" is one of the many popular songs recorded by Sting. It was released on his album "Brand New Day" from 1999.

The piano sheet music of "Desert Rose" is composed in the original key of C minor. The free Desert Rose piano sheet music is ranged for G3-Bb5.

It is known that Sting played a character in one of the Dune movies and that he is a big fan of the book. The lyrics of the song "Desert Rose" seemed to be inspired by the novel "Dune" which was written by Frank Herbert. We can assume that the song is composed of the personal view of Paul Atreides from the Dune book.

The story from the book is portraying Paul Atreides dreaming of rain and gardens in Arrakis, which can be seen also in the "Desert Rose" lyrics.

Some other people consider that the song is about Adam and Eve, and the meaning of the song is about the pain Adam feels for the memory of Eve in the Garden of Eden. This version might be true, especially for the last lyrics of the song when Sting talks about a memory from Eden.

The song "Desert Rose" has sheet music for piano and keyboard, available here for free download.

The music video is a little bit suggestive, surprising Sting going on a trip through the Mojave Desert in a car. In the next scene, Sting is going to a nightclub somewhere in Las Vegas, where he is performing the song.

As the song got loved by the fans and had a high success, soon there have been made club remixes. Also, an alternative edit of the video with one remixed version was made and released.

The song was very popular and got different places in top positions in music charts worldwide, especially in the U.K., U.S., Canada, Switzerland, and Italy.

The free Desert Rose piano sheets are available on Everyone who would like to learn to play the song can enjoy it. You just need to download the free pdf with the piano scores of the song. Enjoy.

Piano tutorial and cover

Desert Rose - Sting piano tutorial

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