Alicia Keys - A Woman's Worth sheet music

"A Woman's Worth" is a popular song from Alicia Keys. The lyrics are written by Alicia, while the music was composed by Erika Rose.

The song belongs on her debut album, named "Songs in A Minor" from 2001.The song was a successful one, especially in New Zealand and in U.S., where it reached top positions.

The director of the music video was by Chris Robinson. It was shot in Brooklyn, New York and it is a continuation of the music video of the song Fallin'.

A great appearance was on June 26th2011 when Alicia performed the song as a duet with Bruno Mars, at the BET Awards.

"A Woman's Worth’" piano sheet music in composed in the original key of G major.

The song is about the worth of a loving relationship. Even if the song is titled "A Woman's Worth", Alicia sings about the things that the both partners should realize in the relationship. "A Woman's Worth" is scored for piano, vocals and guitar.

In the first verse she sings about all the things she knows she deserves:

You could buy me diamonds

You could buy me pearls

Take me on a cruise around the world

Baby you know I’m worth it

The deep meaning of the song can also be that every woman should be treated the best she can by the man she has beside her. The lyrics

You will lose if you chose to refuse to put her first

She will if she can find a man who knows her worth

are trying to express the consequences of the relationship when a man doesn’t treat his lady right.

The main idea of the song is repeated in the chorus. The fact that a real man will see the woman’s worth and by that the woman will put the man first is strongly emphasized in the song.

The song "A Woman's Worth" is ranged for B3-C5. The sheet music of "A Woman's Worth" for piano has a moderately slow tempo.

"A Woman's Worth" piano tabs are available online here, for everyone who would like to play the song.

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A Woman's Worth - Alicia Keys piano tutorial

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