Muse - Survival sheet music

Muse were asked to compose a song for the London 2012 Olympics and Matthew Bellamy responded positively to the request, creating the first single for their sixth album, "The 2nd Law", a song named "Survival", that express that exact the idea, the idea of surviving under any circumstances, not giving up and ultimately winning.

Bellamy himself admitted that they are proud of the song and that it "expresses a sense of conviction and determination to win". The song got played at the entrance of the athletes for the Olympics and before the award ceremonies.

Now we are proud to present the piano sheet for this wonderful, inspirational song here, for all of you to enjoy.

The single premiered on BBC Radio 1 in June of 2012, being released together with the album in October of that same year. The official Request button and we will come up with them as soon as possible.

For now, enjoy this sheet, and, expect more to come!

Piano tutorial and cover

Survival - Muse piano tutorial

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