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Believe is the name of a song by Josh Groban featured on the capture movie titled "The Polar Express".

Afterwards, it was featured as a single on the album "The Polar Express OST". It was recorded during 2004 and released in November that same year, by the label Warner Bros.

This adult contemporary song is also a Christmas music genre type of song. The lyrics and the music were written by Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard. Believe was also included in 2011 on the album "Heavenly Christmas" by Jackie Evancho.

The two songwriters were awarded at the Grammy Awards ceremonies with an award in February 2006. Glen Ballard alongside Alan Silvestri managed to win for the song Believe the award for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media.

The free Believe piano sheets are a wonderful mix of adult contemporary, film score and christmas music musical genres.

In February 2005, the song had received another nomination for an Academy Award. This time, at the edition number 77 of the Academy Award, Believe was nominated for the Best Original Song category. Josh Groban and Beyonce Knowles played the song at that edition. At edition number 62 of the Golden Globe Awards, Believe was also nominated for a Golden Globe.

Believe by Josh Groban was not very successful in the United States, yet in 2004 and 2005 it managed to chart moderately. It went as high as position number 112 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

On the Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks charts, Believe managed to chart for little over a month, reaching even the top position. It was not a new thing for Josh Groban, as he was used to getting songs on the Adult Contemporary charts. In 2002, two of his other songs managed to chart on the AC charts, namely "O Holy Night" and "To Where You Are".

Another song that reached the first position on the Adult Contemporary charts was "You Raise Me Up" by Groban, from 2004.

Other important chart position for Believe by Josh Groban were getting as high as rank 86 on the Canadian Hot 100 charts and even reaching rank 12 on the US Billboard Under Hot 100 charts.

Believe by Josh Groban is an interesting song that can be now learnt to play on the piano as well. Enjoy the free Believe piano sheet music listed on this page and remember to check BossPiano for more.

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