Labrinth - Beneath Your Beautiful sheet music

"Beneath Your Beautiful" is a duet between Labrinth and Emeli Sande.

The song is part of the album "Electronic Earth", which stood as Labrinth's debut album.

The R&B ballad was written by Adele Sande, Mike Posner and Timothy McKenzie.

The title was speculated to be a grammatical mistakes, as everybody assumed that the writers meant "You're" instead of "Your". The track was produced by Da Digglar and Labrinth.

The main version, the one from the album, has a longer length of 4:32 minutes and after the radio edit, the song ran a duration of 3:56 minutes. "Beneath Your Beautiful" is part of the "Syco" label and it was released on October 18th, 2012 as a CD single as well as for digital download.

The music video for the R&B ballad was released on October 5th, 2012 via Labrinth's YouTube account. It shows the singers performing in front of a big screen, which reproduced pictures of them.

"Beneath Your Beautiful" marked an important commercial success for the artist, and it sold more than a thousand copies in its first week after the release. To this day, it has sold over half a million copies. The importance of the songs also stood in the fact that it was Labrinth's first number one and Emeli Sande's second.

The big amount of sold copies led to the single to be certified five times platinum in Australia, platinum in New Zealand, Denmark and the United Kingdom and gold in Belgium.

It was a success on the charts worldwide as well and it reached number one on the UK Singles Chart, on the UK R&B chart. It also topped the charts in Scotland, Poland, Ireland, Portugal and New Zealand.

The ballad was also present in Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Israel, Germany and many others.

The first time when the duo performed "Beneath Your Beautiful" was at the talent show "The X Factor", in 2012.

The YouTube video has been viewed more than 14 million times to this day. Another performance was offered at the same show, by Labrinth along one of the contestants replacing Emeli Sande.

The single was covered various times, usually at talent competitions, such as "The X Factor" or "The Voice". The names which covered it include Union J, Girls Aloud, Misha B and others.

"Beneath Your Beautiful" received a nomination for "Best British Single" at the BRIT Awards ceremony, which was held in 2013.

Labrinth and Emeli Sande's Beneath Your Beautiful can be found below. Enjoy!

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