Italian folk Songs - Bella Ciao (La Casa De Papel Soundtrack) sheet music

Written as an Italian folk song, "Bella Ciao" originated in the hardships of the mondina women, the field workers in the 19th century, who sang it to protest against hard working conditions. It is one of the world revolutionary song. The anti-fascist resistance movement sang the song from Italy and the author of the lyrics is unknown.

The song was modified lots of times, also adopted as an anthem of the resistance between 1943 and 1945, during the Italian Resistance. It was firs sung as "Alla matina appena alzata" by seasonal workers. The song was banned in some areas in Northern Italy in 2015.

The free piano sheet music of Bella Ciao is now available on our website.

As we already mentioned, over the years it had a lot of similar versions, including nowadays, being part of one of the most watched Netflix series, "Casa de Papel". A lot of great artists recorded "Bella Ciao" over the years, like Milva, Giovanna Daffini, Savage Rose, Banda Bassotti, Diego Moreno, Goran Bregovic and many others, in different languages like Finnish, German, Arabic, Slovenian, English, Croatian, Russian and even Chinese.

The song was used as an hymn at many historic revolutionary events, also football chant, World Cup 2018 hymn, soundtrack for a lot of movies and series and I am sure it will be an emblem of all times, especially for groups that want to represent "The resistance", an internationally known hymn of freedom.

The idea of Resistance from the Netflix series, "La casa de Papel" was sustained by "Bella Ciao" in all its actual seasons until now in emblematic moments. As a result of the series, the song had many releases in 2018, among which also "Bella Ciao (Hugel Remix)", Rapper Remy sample, Brazilian bass version by Alok, Dj duo Gunz for Hire remix, French version by Maitre Gims and a lot more.

Looking into its original composition, you will find elements like harmonica, double bass, accordion and guitar.

You can enjoy the Netflix series "La Casa de Papel" while trying to sing the play at your piano, with the help of our Bella Ciao free piano sheets!

Piano tutorial and cover

Bella Ciao (La Casa De Papel Soundtrack) - Italian folk Songs piano tutorial

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