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I have been long waiting to write something about our dear Bon Jovi. You cannot be a music lover and not just adore Jon.

So, today we are writing about one of his greatest singles, "Runaway", which is a debut single and in was originally recorded in 1981 at the beginning of Jon Bon Jovi’s career. The song was a surprise hit in 1983, as you may already now.

The sheet music for Runaway scored for piano by Bon Jovi can be downloaded now from our website.

Such spirit, such energy, all defining Jon’s style! The keyboard intro written by Mick Seely, then by Jon and the Wild Ones and later on with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes., performing vocals with David Grahmme.

"Runaway" won the contest at the radio station named WAPP 10.5 FM, contest that was held in order to search for the best-unsigned band.

It became a hit in the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100, having number 39 in early 1984 and became the band’s first hit in the US.

A lot of live performances at important events, also known for the short guitar solo from near the end of the song, performed by Jon Bon Jovi, that was very appreciated and loved by the audience, in its unique way. It was also part of a commercial for MasterCard, part of the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop and a lot more, like episodes from Netflix (Stranger Things) or Transformers 2018- Bumblebee. In addition, how could you not use it when it is such an amazing and strong song!

In addition, covers and samples made after the original song are still improvised nowadays.

I will leave you to it for now, my mind just asks for it and it keeps running into my head over and over again:

"oooooh, she’s a little runaway!!"

, so I will go play it once or twice.

Please enjoy this song by trying our Runaway piano sheet for free and give your kind feedback when you come back for more!

Piano tutorial and cover

Runaway - Bon Jovi piano tutorial

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