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Oh, why would John Lennon write a song with this name? Therefore, you should find out more below!

"Jealous Guy" is a song by English musician John Lennon, integrated in his very well known album "Imagine", released in 1971.

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He began writing the song in 1968, when, as his solo "Child of Nature" was among the many songs demoed by Beatles. The lyrics tell us some important facts, as a confession in which John addresses the feelings in inadequacy that resulted in his failings as a lover and husband.

The song has at least 92 cover versions; you can imagine that, it is one of the most commonly recorded Lennon songs!

"Jealous Guy" has its origins in India, when both Paul McCartney and John Lennon were inspired to write songs about the same subject. John recorded the song on 24 May 1971 at Ascot Sound Studios, and his vocals were overdubbed on 29 May 1971. It was not released as a single until November 1985, exactly five years after John’s murder. It has been recorded by many great names also, like Aslan, Roberto Bellarosa, Roxy Music or Lou Reed.

Looking into the song’s composition, we can find great performers names: John Lennon, Nicky Hopkins, John Barham, Alan White and so on, playing a very big variety of instruments like: acoustic guitar, whistling, piano, harmonium, bass, drums, strings.

The lyrics are hurtful, apologizing continuously about hurting, making her cry and insecurity all of these feelings and facts created only by jealousy.

The video was made in 1971, and it was telling the continuous overhead shot by helicopter, when John and Yoko traveled in a hearse from their Tittenhurst Park mansion to a nearby lake.

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Jealous Guy - John Lennon piano tutorial

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