Cecilia Krull - My Life is Going on (La Casa de Papel Theme Song) sheet music

Nowadays, it is sometimes easy to bring your song upfront just by being part of a soundtrack. In addition, if the movie rocks… then you are a winner!

Cecilia managed to have her song, "My life is going on" on the soundtrack of one of the best series at the moment, "Casa de Papel", also known as "Money Heist" in USA.

The original version, released in 2017 was written by Cecilia Krull and Manel Santisteban, especially for the Netflix series, "Casa de Papel".

The free My life is going on piano sheets are now available on our website.

Cecilia has a musical family and her knowledge in this domain is vast. She began singing at the age of 14. She began the collaboration with Manel for this song and she wrote the lyrics, while he composed the music. The song was inspired by the Tokyo character from the series, but also speaks about Cecilia, as she declared.

The lyrics are a little sad but strong, indestructible.

The message is from Tokyo, the main character, and considering this and also all the chaos from the movie, the song is very peaceful.

The song is considered a hit, listened over 70 million times on YouTube and other channels. "My life is going on" represents a portrait of the main characters’ life, and sends the most important message, to be strong on your own, to go on no matter what, trust yourself and live life by your own rules. These are also the actions of the series’ characters; they are "the resistance" against the government and make the hardest decisions of their life.

Cecilia’s song became a hit and it is present in all the seasons of the series, in the beginning of the episodes, but you can also hear other versions of the song, more rock-ish one for example, during some of the episodes.

You can enjoy the Netflix series "La Casa de Papel" while trying to play the song at your piano, with the help of our free My life is going on piano sheet music. Stay safe and enjoy.

Piano tutorial and cover

My Life is Going on (La Casa de Papel Theme Song) - Cecilia Krull piano tutorial

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