Bon Jovi - I'll Be There for You sheet music

Well, when you hear Jon Bon Jovi, I am sure that your heart beats faster and for sure, you see some black leather jacket.

So, like Jon says, let us take "these five words" and analyze them a little.

"I’ll be there for you" is a single originally released in 1988, together with the album called "New Jersey", and immediately ranked in all charts. This song, as I already started to tell you, is one of Bon Jovi’s signature song and an important classic ballad in the power ballad genre. Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi composed the song. The free I’ll be there for you piano sheets are truly amazing.

Some critics and fans have also compared it with John Lennon’s song "Don’t Let Me Down" lyrics wise.

Looking into the music video a little bit, we can see that it features Jon Bon Jovi band performing on a dark, better-said monochromatic scene, because of the stage lightning conditions, having close-ups of each one of the band’s members. Regarding the members, we can see that the guitarist’s Richie Sambora face is almost constantly in the shadow during all video.

When you want to analyze the composition of the song, you cannot ignore the rock and alternative rock style, with some jangle pop elements. The most important instruments from this passionate song are as usual, the guitar, the piano and voice.

The lyrics say what anyone wants to hear in their lives. The solemn promise of a lifetime of being there –

"I’ll be there for you

These five words I swear to you


I’d live and I’d die for you"

Every strong romance starts with these promises from this song, hoping to keep them until the end of time.

Like every love song and like every other Jon’s piece of art, this song touches every one of us and gives us strength and hope that our loved ones will remain by our side and love us with all their being until the end of time!

Whenever you want to listen to this song, go for it! Even if you are down or broken hearted, in love or single, it inspires you and gives you the strength you need to feel real love!

Enjoy the free I’ll be there for you piano sheet music by Bon Jovi and have lots of fun playing it.

Piano tutorial and cover

I'll Be There for You - Bon Jovi piano tutorial

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