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Recorded by American rock band Imagine Dragons and having as record producer Alex da Kid, the song Demons is an original creation that not only lights up thoughts, but also its free piano sheet music can even light up souls as well.

This paradise of words and musical notes was written by both Imagine Dragons and Alex da Kid, the song Demons was recorded for the band’s "Continued Silence", their major-label debut extended play, but the song is also included as the fourth track on their debut album called "Night Visions".

The song is actually an indie rock ballad, which has the purpose to share a quite impressive message. Due to this reason, it was solicited to American Triple A radio stations in 2013, on January 28 and it seems it was also appreciated by many fans of modern rock stations.

Demons was released as the third single from "Night Visions" album in the United States and it has real success on contemporary hit radio stations, considering the fact that on 17 September 2013 it was released as an official single.

The single is a great creation and it receives more and more appreciation words every year.

From commercial point of view, the song has been registered a real success, becoming the band’s second top ten single, after "Radioactive", spending twelve weeks on top positions of the Billboard Hot 100.

The number of copies sold was over 3 million, which is impressive, being successful at global level, in several countries reaching top positions on charts.

The song, accompanied maybe by the well-realized video, can make the eyes of your mind see behind the images and go through the sound. Talking about the video, it was well received by the public, being built as a mix of footage of the band and a narrative companion.

The most impressive part of the video is the final one, which is centered on a dedication to Tyler Robinson, who is a great fan of the band, in a battle with cancer, unfortunately dead at the age of 17.

There have been created many covers for this song, among them worth to say about Masha’s cover on YouTube, which was qualified as great by Ryan Seacrest, saying about the cover that it replaced in a beautiful manner the sound of heavy rock with soft piano notes.

Another remarkable cover was done by Daniel Evans, who lively performed it during the fifth season of The X Factor, in UK.

Concluding, it seems reasonable to listen to the song, becoming fascinated by its words, but it is even greater to experience the Demons free piano sheets, available now as PDFs, and you can let the arms of the ocean of feelings come in to you...

Piano tutorial and cover

Demons - Imagine Dragons piano tutorial

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