Imagine Dragons - It's Time sheet music

Meaningful words and a complex melody, it sounds more than attractive in its piano version.

This reference is about "It's Time", a song belonging to Imagine Dragons, the well-known American alternative rock band, which has been qualified as an indie rock song, describing the human reaction to the great changing turmoil, included on the band's label debut EP "Continued Silence".

"It's Time" was also included on their first album released, called "Night Visions", which was created with the assistance of Alex da Kid and Brandon Darner as producers.

Its use was wide, including the cover on "Glee" and the commercials in which it appeared, which also contributed in the success of "It's Time", placing it on the 15th position on the Billboard Hot 100, transforming it into the band's first Top 40 single.

Moreover, the song reached the fourth position on the Alternative Songs chart, but the highest position it got to be placed on, meaning the first one, was in Belgium.

It was followed by the third place on the Rock Songs chart, 6th position in Austria and Portugal, 7th position in Japan, 9th in Ireland and 10th in the Czech Republic and Billboard Pop Songs.

Another success registered by "It's Time" was represented by their certification as Platinum by RIAA, CRIA and ARIA, in addition to the nominations for Best Rock Video at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards.

Extensively heard in the United Kingdom, especially on the radio channels, in 2013 the single reached the 23rd position in charts.

One of the reasons due to which the single is so appreciated all over the world, besides the message which emphasizes the human resistance in the front of changing environment, is represented by its free It's Time piano sheets, which can now be downloaded as PDF on Boss Piano.

They combine high and low notes in fascinating accordance, delighting the ears and waking up emotions due mainly to the high contrasts of the closed notes.

Besides that, the live performances the members of the band have been having since the release of the song also bring their contribution to gaining the appreciation of numerous fans.

For the support of this statement we may consider Imagine Dragons' live performance from July 16, 2012, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, or the ones from September same year and from 9th of January 2013 on Conan.

These are performances that remarkably raised the audience of those shows, as in the case when performing live the song during every concert they have, not in the end, but among the first played songs, even though it is one of their greatest singles.

The video of the song also brings its contribution to success. It debuted in April 2012, on all MTV affiliates. Due to this, Imagine Dragons was a qualified MTV PUSH Artist of the Week.

Summing everything mentioned up, a remarkable song, which succeeded in reaching tops and more than that, the fan's appreciation, immediately since its release, that undoubtedly raises the curiosity and maintains the pleasure of hearing the free It's Time piano sheet music.

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It's Time - Imagine Dragons piano tutorial

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