John Williams - Theme From Schindler's List sheet music

John Williams releases the free Theme From Schindler's List piano sheets in 1994, as part of the score album for Steven Spielberg’s movie with the same name.

The original score composed and conducted by Williams features violinist Itzhak Perlman and it was released in 1994.

The score came with a length of 64:35 minutes and it is considered to belong to the soundtrack music genre.

Once released, the soundtrack easily got on top of preferences, winning the Academy Award for Best Original Score, the Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media, the BAFTA Award for Best Film Music and also received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Original Score.

The free Theme From Schindler's List piano sheet music was released through Sony Pictures Studio and CA Symphony Hall and it is one of the most recognized film scores, due to its violin solo.

Because of its success, the song has been covered by many other artists and you can find it in popular culture also.

The interesting fact about Theme From Schindler's List is that many figure skaters have used it in their work, such as Johnny Weir, Katarina Witt, Nicole Schott or Paul Wylie.

The original version is the one we can enjoy during the movie, featuring a gentle painful melody played by a violin.

Schindler’s List was directed and written by Steven Spielberg and it is based on the non-fiction novel Schindler’s Ark, by Thomas Keneally.

The movie has an incredible cast – Liam Neeson, Caroline Goodall, Ben Kingsley, Miri Fabian, Mark Ivanir and many other amazing actors who complete the overall image.

Schindler’s List was released in November 1993 through Universals Pictures, and it has a length of 195 minutes.

We are proud today to present you the score’s sheet on our website and offer you the possibility to bring this story into your home.

Piano tutorial and cover

Theme From Schindler's List - John Williams piano tutorial

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