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"Purple Rain" is a song played by pop icon Prince, alongside his Minneapolis band, The Revolution.

Featured on the 1984 album that had the same name, "Purple Rain" was single number three, being a mix of different elements from rock and pop genres, as well as having gospel or orchestral music influences.

It has been produced by Prince for the label Warner Bros. and was released in September, 1984, reaching Gold certification by the RIAA in only three months. The story of the song is that it has been live recorded at a concert on the Minnesota Dance Theater, in August 1983. A soulful performance by Prince that lasted over an hour, it has been remembered as one of the best concerts by The Revolution.

The reviewing of the song was made by Prince in Los Angeles, while also working on the other songs for the soundtrack, "Baby I’m a Star" and "I Would Die 4 U".

The structure of "Purple Rain" starts with a solo guitar, aided by live drums and an organ, which make the intro sound sort of gospel influenced.

The verses and the chorus follow, the first verse addressed to Prince’s father, the second being for his ex-girlfriend and the last for his other band members. The ending is marked of a guitar solo, as well as a piano solo afterwards.

"Purple Rain" has charted nicely internationally, getting fourth in Australia, fifth in Denmark and Switzerland, topping the Netherlands charts, eighth on the UK Singles Charts, in the US reaching second on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as fourth on the Hot R&B Singles.

"Purple Rain" by Prince is one of his signature songs and is now available to play on the piano as well. The piano sheet is listed below, free of cost. Enjoy them and stay tuned for more free piano material!

Piano tutorial and cover

Purple Rain - Prince piano tutorial

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