John Mayer - Daughters sheet music

John Mayer is a successful producer and songwriter. The main musical genre he plays is rock, amalgamate with blues, folk or country.

Among the hits he released is the track Daughters.

This song was written in 2003 by Mayer himself and the producer Jack Joseph Puig helped him release the track. This melody belongs to the album named Heavier Things and it earned the success immediately.

Mayer is known for his songs because they all present some stories from his life. The song Daughters represents a love story deteriorated by the father-daughter relationship.

Through the medium of those lyrics, he tries to warn the fathers all over the world that the relationship they have with their daughters affects the perceptions of girls over the boys their whole life. In another words, the message of this song contains a warning: the love you give to your daughter is equal to the love she will give to her lover.

This rule works in both ways, being also available when you treat your daughter with hate or you don’t treat her at all, being absent from her life. So, fathers, be careful how you act with your daughters, because that’s the way your daughter will act in the future!

The song comes along with a black and white video presenting Myers’s guitar and vocal performance. From time to time, on the screen shows-up a girl, the daughter.

The melodic line is soft and warm, supporting Mayer’s voice. You can see in his voice how awful it is to manage someone’s trusting issues. In the mean time, this song calls for pain and patience.

Mayer interpreted this song in several live auditions, but it was a huge success thanks to the educational message it promotes. Also, we felt inspired to create the piano sheet in order to make the transmission of this song possible. Take a look over the piano notes!

The success of this song is represented by the awards it received: in 2005 Mayer was rewarded with the Grammy Award for Song of the Year.

Also, he won a 19th position in US Billboard Hot 100 and a first place classification in US Billboard Adult Pop Songs.

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