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"Drowning" is the title of a single by Backstreet Boys, released in late 2001 as part of their album "The Hits: Chapter One".

Even if the only single from their compilation album, it was meant for another album, namely the "Black & Blue" one. The piano part has been played by Kevin Richardson and the song’s writers were Rami Yacoub, Linda Thompson and Andreas Carlsson, the production team being formed from Yacoub and Kristian Lundin.

The single’s chart performance was moderate, reaching place number 28 in the US and did even better worldwide, reaching third on the Swedish charts and fifth in Norway. An official video was soon released with the song, presenting footage with the five band members near some ruins and even a church.

The place where it was filmed was Los Angeles, the final versions counting up to two, a shorter edit being intended for radio airplay.

"Drowning" has also reached top 10 on the charts from places such as Austria, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain and even fourth on the UK Singles Charts.

Being a love song, the lyrics are pretty intense, expressing true love:

I can’t imagine

Life without your love

And even forever

Don’t seem like long enough

the title of the song expressing that the lover wants to be "drowned in her love".

"Drowning" by Backstreet Boys is a great choice to interpret on your piano. You can now learn how to play it here, on BossPiano.

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