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"Don’t Turn Around" is the title of a song intended for Tina Turner, written in 1986 by Diane Warren alongside Albert Hammond.

An interesting and popular song, it has been covered by a few artists, including Aswad in 1988 and Ace of Base in 1994.

Ace of Base have intended to include a version in a minor key of Tina Turner’s song on their first album, titled "The Sign". Being on their debut album in the US, "Don’t Turn Around" has also made it to their "Happy Nation" release that same year. The song was so good, that it even received a music video, with the aid of director Matt Broadley.

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Their reinterpretation of Tina Turner’s classic was so interesting, that it was released in different versions, such as a 7" Aswad Mix, a Stretch Version, a Radio Groove Mix, another Aswad Remix, a Groove Mix Extended, a Moody Gold Mix, as well as a Turned Out Eurodub.

Ace of Base has involved the following members in the production of the track: Linn and Jenny Berggren and Ulf Ekberg for the vocals, backed by Linn and Jenny, writers Hammond and Warren, producers Tommy Ekman, Per Adebratt.

"Don’t Turn Around" by Ace of Base has been certified Gold in Germany and the United States and has reached top ten on the charts in the following countries: Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, UK.

Even in the US, it has reached fourth place on the Billboard Hot 100, topped the Billboard Top 40 Mainstream charts and even got top ten on the Rhythmic Top 40 and Adult Contemporary charts.

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Don't Turn Around - Ace of Base piano tutorial

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