Maroon 5 - Daylight sheet music

Daylight is the title of a song by a rock and pop rock band called Maroon 5.

Being featured as single number three from their fourth album titled "Overexposed", the song hit the market in November 2012 as a digital download.

Daylight was recorded in Los Angeles, California, at the Conway Studios and was written and produced by Adam Levine, alongside Max Martin and Mason Levy. Another contributor to the lyrics was Sam Martin.

The free Daylight piano sheet music is a beautiful expression of the pop, alternative, indie and soft rock musical genres.

Daylight is meant to be a soft rock ballad, seemingly influenced by the style specific to Coldplay. The single premiered on the show The Voice, being called the favourite song from the album by the lead singer himself. Pop Crush has praised the song, especially for its lone electric guitar.

Trying to express a bittersweet tale of love, Billboard praising it as well, despite expressing the fact that it resembles the Coldplay style more that it should. The mixed critics also show that the song marks a switch in Maroon 5’s style, seen as a combination of the old with the new.

Starting off on place 70 on the ARIA Charts, Daylight reached until the end of 2012 the 37th place and even reached as high as eleventh place in New Zealand. The single was also on the US Billboard Hot 100 and even in the top 50 of the Adult Pop Songs charts.

There are two music videos for Daylight, one fan-made, a special project on the band’s page making it possible: "The Daylight Project". At the start of 2013, an official video called "Daylight (Playing for Change)" was featured on YouTube.

A song that has topped the Canada Hot AC Billboard charts, as well as the US Adult Top 40, Daylight is now available to play on the piano as well.

Enjoy the free Daylight piano sheets listed below and stay tuned for more material.

Piano tutorial and cover

Daylight - Maroon 5 piano tutorial

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