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"Love Drunk" is a song by the British group called Little Mix, featured on their debut studio album titled "DNA".

Released at the end of 2012, the album has been successful and received adequate praises, the pop and R&B style presented by this girl group being fun and attractive to the audience, as well as the critics.

"Love Drunk" is featured only on the deluxe version of the album, being part of the four extra songs that come with the special edition. Written by Paul Meehan, Tim Woodcock, Alessandro Benassi and Pinnock and produced by Meehan and Matt Furmidge, the song is, as its own title says, a love song.

With a bouncy and dancy vibe, the song has perfectly incorporated the girls’ voices with the instrumental.

The lyrics feature the girls singing about how in love they are, starting with Jade:

"Crazy, what you're doing to me?

Head is smoking"

and continuing with Jesy:

"And I just can't shake you outta my head"

the chorus featuring the repetition of the

"I'm a little bit love drunk"

verse. Leigh-Anne goes on to improve the passion of the song with

"Feeling so hot

I'm taking your clothes off"

followed by Perrie, then Jesy again.

With a fine combination of the girls’ voices alternating throughout the song and with a nice vibe from the simple, yet attracting instrumental, "Love Drunk" is an interesting and playful song that now has its piano sheet featured below, for free.

Enjoy it and stay tuned for others.

Piano tutorial and cover

Love Drunk - Little Mix piano tutorial

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