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"Matilda" is the name of a song featured on Alt-J’s album "An Awesome Wave".

Being the debut studio album for this interesting indie rock band, it has been released on May the 25th 2012, reaching as high as number 13 on the UK Albums Charts.

The album has also won the Barclaycard Mercury Prize in 2012 and the "Album of the Year" in 2013 at the Ivor Novello Awards.

"Matilda" has been released as a single for "An Awesome Wave" on January the 10th 2012 as a digital download, released at the same time as another single from the album, titled "Fitzpleasure".

Written by Gus Unger-Hamilton, Joe Newman, Thom Green and Gwilym Sainsbury, the song has been produced by British producer Charlie Andrew.

The single has been included both on the 10" vinyl and the 7" vinyl, as well as being available as a digital download, both as a simple single and as part of the iTunes EP, alongside a remix and Fitzpleasure and its own remix.

The lyrics for the song imply the fact that Matilda is a woman in love that "needs you", the song repeating the verse "And she needs you, this is from Matilda" throughout the song, once even in French:

Elle a besoin de toi,

Cela vient de Matilda

An interesting combination of electronic elements with piano synths and guitars, "Matilda" is a chillful indie song. Now the free piano sheets of Matilda are available below.

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Piano tutorial and cover

Matilda - Alt-J piano tutorial

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