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"Plug in Baby" is a song by the British rock band Muse released on March the 5th 2001, as the lead single for the 2001 album "Origin of Symmetry".

Incorporating the original electronic sound characteristic to Muse, the song was written in D Major and features a tempo of 135 beats per minute. Having guitar and bass elements, the guitar riff for it has been modified since its demo version from 1997.

The new riff has actually been ranked in 2004 as the 13th on the Total Guitar charts and, in 2011, ranked it on place 46 in a best-of-all-time list.

The lyrics of the song express a "forgetting" the love kind of vibe, being abstract and with no direct meaning. There are, however, several passages that aid the listener with understanding some meaning behind the lyrics:

"Baby you're gonna lose

Your own game

Change me

Replace the envying

To forget your love"

as well as the ending verses:

"And I've seen your loving

But mine is gone

And I've been in trouble"

Since the love is gone, the title of the song, a "plug in baby", expresses the fact that the love needs to be "plugged in" to still be present and that represents a problem, from which there is no turning back.

With an interesting music video, that presents women as being in need of being "plugged in", with the chance of getting featured on video games such as Guitar Hero 5 and Rocksmith, "Plug in baby" has peaked at the eleventh place on the UK Singles Charts, being surpassed in time only by "Time is Running Out".

A great choice for the piano as well, this song has its free piano sheet available for you below.

Piano tutorial and cover

Plug in Baby - Muse piano tutorial

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