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"Welcome Home" is the title of a track song featured on Radical Face’s 2007 album titled "Ghost".

A new concept of telling stories about houses and the things that occurred inside them, the album features influences of alternative rock and folk music genres, the musical act getting similar recognition to other bands such as "The Mountain Goats" or "Animal Collective", among others.

The lyrics for the song express the title of the song, the meaning and interpretation of "arriving home". They are expressing a long awaited return home.

The song has been used for advertisements and even in films, featuring in a Nikon marketing ad in Europe, or for the car company Chevrolet, as well as a promo for the BCS Championship. Appearing in the film "Humboldt County", it was also featured on Discovery Channel and in a documentary, as well as in a TV show called "Graceland" and later on an season of the British TV show called "Skins", among other TV shows.

Reaching as high as number 58 on the UK Singles Charts in 2012, the song is a chilly alternative rock song that can be played on the piano as well.

Piano tutorial and cover

Welcome Home - Radical Face piano tutorial

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