Michel Legrand - Summer of '42 sheet music

"Summer of ‘42" is an American movie released in 1971, a movie presenting a love story between two young lovers.

Directed by Robert Mulligan, the movie was recreated as a novel that was re-released in 2001 by Barnes & Noble, in memory of the movie and the beautiful story presented.

The movie has been a success commercially, financially and even received praises during that age, getting nominated for Golden Globe Awards for "Best Motion Picture – Drama", as well as "Best Director".

Among other Academy Awards nominations, the movie has been nominated for "Best Original Music Score", due to the soundtrack mainly composed by famous French composer Michel Legrand.

The score for the movie features 13 songs, many of them being reworked versions of "The Summer Knows", the main theme for the film, with lyrics written by Marilyn Bergman and Alan Bergman.

This main theme of the movie has become a pop standard, recorded by names such as Peter Nero, who hit the charts in 1971 with his version, as well as Bobby Goldsboro, in 1973.

Even Bryan Adams inspired himself from the film’s score when creating his 1985 song "Summer of ‘69", which became a hit as well.

With a beautiful intro and a main piano course throughout the song, the theme by Michel Legrand has certainly become a beautiful song for a great and successful movie.

This movie’s main theme is now available as a free piano sheet for you below, this beautiful piece of music being just one of the many interesting sheets available on BossPiano.

Piano tutorial and cover

Summer of '42 - Michel Legrand piano tutorial

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