A Great Big World - Already Home sheet music

The two former music business students Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino formed the group that would eventually be named A Great Big World.

Even if they reached perfection and fame thanks to hits like "This is The New Year", that got appreciation after being featured in the TV show "Glee" with the song "Say Something", other songs on their first and only album, "Is There Anybody Out There" are beautiful as well, the genre of piano pop with indie influences surely has room to grow and is popular nowadays.

Being a group that heavily relies on piano, it’s an excellent choice to make when wanting songs that can easily be adapted to piano sheets.

"Already Home" is no different, it is an amazing love song that stands out due to the soft voice of Ian and the beautiful piano instrumentals combined with one of the softest guitar riffs.

The lyrics are emotional, it’s basically a dialog with the loved one, trying to explain one’s feelings towards their partner.

Having studied in New York, this great city’s name comes up in the chorus, longing for a return to it:

"If only New York wasn’t so far away

I promise the city won’t get in our way."

This sort of song may sound typical at first, especially thanks to its lyrics, but make no mistake, you will be amazed once you hear the drums and piano in the middle part of it.

The lyrics are also deep, there are parts that make you wonder about life in general, not only about loving and living with someone:

"When life takes its own course

Sometimes we just don’t get to choose

I’d rather be there next to you".

For a song heavily favored by teenagers it takes quite a matured taste to understand and truly love, but "A Great Big World" has this great big world for their taking and we should not be surprised if they soon hit the market again with another amazing album that could provide us with more material to get piano sheets from.

With a "quirky optimism and snappy tempo", as Billboard’s Jason Lipschutz says about all the songs on the album, this song can now be enjoyed by more and more people by using the piano sheet found below, and be used to learn more and more about this fascinating world of piano music.

Piano tutorial and cover

Already Home - A Great Big World piano tutorial

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