Ron Pope - A Drop In The Ocean sheet music

Ron Pope is a great songwriter with a soft voice and awesome guitar skills, but he got lucky in his early years by being part of great bands, who furthered his style by adding piano and soft drums instrumentals to his creations.

He met Zack Berkman since his 2003 enrollment to the New York University and there they connected on a musical level, starting to make a name for themselves in a band called "The District".

The band has lots of songs going on, which is why we put our eyes on Ron Pope’s songs as targets for new, fresh piano sheets to offer on BossPiano.

In 2005 though, after almost two years of collaborating, they wrote a Internet hit song called "A Drop in the Ocean", which is a beautiful, remarkable piece of art, making teenagers and not only absolutely love it and spread its fame until the name Ron Pope was known throughout the world.

The song’s lyrics are of the utmost beauty, starting as a love song, as a confession to a loved one:

"I’m holding you closer than most ‘cause you are my heaven."

The piano can be heard clearly throughout the song, which makes the song a great candidate to be transposed into a piano sheet, to offer to all amateurs or professionals who wish to add this song to their repertoire.

"Heaven doesn’t seem far away", says the song, as the lyrics tell the story of a man who remembers all of his past troubles, like "Misplaced trust in old friends" or "Most nights I hardly sleep", the title of the song saying it all, that the love he feels for her is like a drop in the ocean, like a "change in the weather", a little beautiful something that came to be and now it must go on to become a great love story with a happy ending.

The song is, as a conclusion, an incredible one that deserves the fame it received and made Ron one of the up-and-coming artists of the pop and rock scene.

Piano tutorial and cover

A Drop In The Ocean - Ron Pope piano tutorial

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