Linkin Park - Numb sheet music

Linkin Park is a well-known actor on the successful music stage.

Among a large number of qualitative songs, the band has there is also placed Numb, which is included on the album Meteora, in the third position.

It registered a high success, as tops show it and as the opinions establish.

Numb made Linkin Park be at the top of the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks for no less than 12 weeks.

2003 and 2004 were the years that brought the largest part of the success, being the period when the song was placed in the 11th position on the Billboard Hot 100.

Shared everywhere and appreciated more and more, the free Numb piano sheets served as the source of inspiration for many other artists.

One really magnificent version was created by Linkin Park and rapper Jay- Z.

This version was included on the album Collision Course, which brought the Grammy Award into their hands for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

This meant a lot for the careers of both parties involved in this project.

In 2011, the band decided to include the free Numb piano sheet music in their DLC pack for Rock Band 3, and it seemed to be a great decision considering the positive consequences on the sales and relationship to fans.

The lyrics of the song are impressive, defining the distinct style that Linkin Park got used their fans with.

Explicitly said words, covered by blankets of meanings but still shaping a message that is easy to understand is, in short, how many people would describe their music.

The video of the song was directed by Joe Hahn, most of the scenes being placed in Prague, Czech Republic, representing only the exterior scenes.

The indoor scenes are also placed in Prague, in a cathedral.

There are moments during the video when there are scenes filmed on a bridge and that is the Charles Bridge.

There is also a part of the video that was filmed later on in Los Angeles, inside a similar cathedral to the first one.

There are also other versions of the video, of the original video, guitar records, and many other different versions, but there is a thing for sure: this song is still appreciated in this day and age as it has been since the beginning.

Piano tutorial and cover

Numb - Linkin Park piano tutorial

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