Avril Lavigne - Innocence sheet music

Innocence is a track released in 2007 by Avril Lavigne.

It is well known the fact that Lavigne has a rich repertory and there are numerous fans all over the world. They do not only that appreciate her and her work, but also copy her style.

Any artist may have ups and downs, may go through good and bad feelings but nothing stays in the way of keeping his or her innocence, no matter the age.

Avril Lavigne has used this idea of keeping the innocent appearance in her song called "Innocence", which was created by the singer and Evan Taubenfeld.

The song was included on her album named "The Best Damn Thing", which registered a high success in the entire world. The song was included in US Billboard Pop 100, on the 93rd position, and on the 59th position in Canada, in Canadian Hot 100.

Released in 2007, November, this song can be classified, from the point of view of the genre, as pop or a soft- rock song.

The video is not a complicated one, and, as most of Avril’s videos, has in the center her character and a boy whom she sees as being perfect. But in the end she discovers to be a liar, a totally not innocent person.

The main idea is that the feeling of innocence is more than respectable and it gives you the trust that you can always be free of pain. Even though it is not at the top of her creations, the song was well received by the public opinion and critics did not generally have any bad comments regarding the song.

Concluding, there is enough evidence in order to support the idea according to which the song "Innocence" represents Lavigne’s style, considering not only the main ideas and lyrics, but also the rhythm, which you can also discover when trying to listen to it as the "Innocence" free piano sheet music.

Piano tutorial and cover

Innocence - Avril Lavigne piano tutorial

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