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"Marvin’s Room" is the title of a single by Canadian rapper Drake.

Featured as the lead single on his 2011 album called "Take Care", it has been produced by Noah "40" Shebib and released on June for labels Cash Money, Young Money and Republic.

Released on the radio as well, the song has been added to the album after its release and has gotten positive critics. The ranking has been good as well, gaining number 21 on the USA Billboard Hot 100 and being on Top 10 on both charts: the Hot R&B and the Hip-Hop Songs.

Remixed and freestyled by many other artists, such as Chris Brown, Lil Wayne or Trey Songz, the song got great success, along other tracks of the album. The composition features the muted bass specific to Noah Shebib and the addition of Adrian Eccleston’s guitar work, as well as the piano outro by Gonzales, all of these contributions making the song a different, special one.

The story behind the music video and the lyrics present Drake as being drunk and arguing with his girlfriend on the phone, something called "drunk dialing".

Drake’s lyrics constantly remind this virtual girlfriend that "she could do better" and, among the self-destructiveness presented by Drake, he asks her to get back to him:

Talk to me please, don't have much to believe in

I need you right now, are you down to listen to me?

since the women he spent time with are not satisfying him.

PopCrush ranked the song with four stars out of five, due to the "emotional impact" that the song has, Pitchork Media adding to that by praising that Drake is "apart" from other hip-hop artists and this song proves it.

The initial radio popularity of the song proves that it is what the scene needed and, since it has been available digitally, it debuted at 78 on the Billboard charts, reaching in time as high as seventh place.

The music video is featured in clubs, where Drake is drunk, talking on the phone with the girl he sings about and spinning camera shots aim to fortify the fact that the rapper was in an inebriated state. Remixed by many other artists and reaching a higher success, both commercially and for the fan base, this song’s piano sheet is available here for free, showing that hip-hop is as good a music as any other genre.

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Marvin's Room - Drake piano tutorial

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