Gym Class Heroes - Stereo Hearts sheet music

This song is called "Stereo Hearts" and it was released in June 2011, as the first single of the band’ album "The Papercut Chronicles II", which saw the lights of the stages the same year.

Among the features that Gym Class Heroes made during the years, the one with Adam Levine brought them a lot of success, if not the most of it.

This famous song was created by Benny Blanco and Robopop as producers and is basically a song addressed to a beloved, combining meaningful words in a sort of serenade with rap influences. Even though the song is performed by two masculine voices, it could be easily dedicated by a girl to his boyfriend. The free Stereo Hearts piano sheet music expresses this very well.

The video is another element that made fans like or actually love not only the song, but also the charming artists. The boys appear to be relaxed, in their habitual day by day life, surrounded by friends and music.

There are images with Adam singing on a TV screen that make the video even more dynamic.

There is also a lyric video version, even more spread in the world than the first one, which received millions of views since the very first moment when it was released on the Internet.

The fact that "Stereo Hearts" received positive reviews from numerous channels and people shows not only the talent, but also the efficiency of combining the right voices and instruments. Jenna Hally Rubenstein was one of the specialists that had only goods words to say about the new direction of the band and their performances.

All in all, the 3 minutes and 31 seconds of the song, are able to share a lot of energy, feelings and emotions transposed into nice words and shared using beautiful voices.

It seems the perfect combination and if combined with the notes on a "Stereo Hearts" free piano sheet, the result could become even more attractive.

But anyone should pay attention: as the charts show and considering the fact that it was 3x Platinum Certified by RIAA, the song may cause addiction. So grab your free Stereo Hearts piano sheets and let us know what you think.

Piano tutorial and cover

Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes piano tutorial

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