Tchaikovsky - Dance of the Little Swans sheet music

Swan Lake is a ballet song made by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky back in 1876.

Having Julius Reisinger as the choreographer for all of the scenes, it was meant to be great from the start, Julius pertaining to the newly called and reformed Bolshoi Ballet.

We are now presenting to you a number contained in Swan Lake, called "Dance of the Little Swans".

Having four acts as a whole, the act is a lasting one, that tells a story inspired from a Russian folk tale: princess Odette being transformed into a swan as a consequence to a curse.

Prince Siegfried is being told he needs to choose a woman for his wedding, but he does not wish so, ending up going on a hunt for swans with his friends, bringing their crossbows with them.

This is mainly the story presented in the first act. "Dance of the Little Swans" is the Allegro Moderato from the fourth scene of the second act, an act in which the story goes as follows: Siegfried goes alone on the lakeside to hunt for swans, but just as he was about to fire his crossbow, one of the swans turns into a beautiful young girl.

The tale was that only at night the four swans, one of them being princess Odette, turn into their human form and the spell can be broken if someone pure vows to love one of the swans forever.

The story goes one throughout the rest of the acts, but this is the story of the song we have today for you, with its incredible piano sheet along.

Even if the original premiere of Swan Lake was not successful at all, mainly because of bad organization and scene installation, it is today one of the best, if not the best ballets in history, being played at great halls all around the world.

Want to learn a song from one of the best composers in history? Well then, we hope you enjoy classical music, because the Allegro Moderato for the fourth scene of Act II in Swan Lake, popularly called "Dance of the Little Swans", is one of the best scenes in classical music.

Put your piano to work now with this free Dance of the Little Swans piano sheet and try to learn it like the pros, it is so beautifully hard.

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Dance of the Little Swans - Tchaikovsky piano tutorial

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