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The amazing solo "The only one", composed by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance, is one piece of art that you hardly find nowadays, even if Bryan is one of the most known singer and composer worldwide.

Written and released in 1983, with unique guitar solo at the end, the song is part the album that is called "Cuts like a Knife", released in January 1983.

The free The only one piano sheet music of Bryan Adams is a wonderful blend of rock music.

If we are looking into the composition of the song, we will for sure hear the great guitar that we always hear with the help of Bryan Adams, who has a distinct talent in playing this instrument.

We would also want to pay attention to the energy that the song has, and it is purely into rock and roll path, even if it is somewhat romantic!

The song was so good that it won the Juno Award for Album of the Year. In addition, in the United States it was certified as being platinum for the success it had with the fans.

Bryan Adams produced it with help from Bob Clearmountain. The album was recorded between 13 August and 20 October 1982 at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Enjoy the free The only one piano sheets on our website, because as I want to mention again, you cannot find more information about this great song nowadays, anywhere.

Piano tutorial and cover

The only one - Bryan Adams piano tutorial

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