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"You Are Not Alone" is one of Michael Jackson's best-selling singles, recorded on November 1994 by Chicago Recording Company and released on August 15th, 1995.

The single entered the Billboard charts at number 1, both in US and in UK.

"You Are Not Alone" belongs to R&B Ballad genre and it is one of Jackson’s slowest songs. The album version has duration of 5:45 minutes and a tempo of 60 beats/minute.

The song was written by R.Kelly while confronting with the loss of some close people in his life. The production however was a collaboration between Kelly and Jackson making the single a significant success.

The music critics gave this song positive review, calling it the most seductive single of Michael’s career.

On July 12, 1995 Wayne Isham has directed the Elvis and Priscilla Presley.

In 2007 in Belgium, the rights of Jackson’s single were transferred to Eddy and Danny Van Passel, because a Belgian court considered that R.Kelly plagiarized one of the twin brothers song from 1993 "If we can start all over".

One of the saddest songs written by Michael Jackson, "You Are Not Alone", is under a question mark from the beginning to the end. "How could this be?", "Did you have to go? And leave my world so cold?" and "How did love slip away?" are questions that Michael sings and doesn't understand, telling his love that he is still here waiting for her, and he can hear her cry and asks her to give her hand and "forever can begin".

This is a real love song, ballad and has some R&B elements in it, that were attributed by R. Kelly in response to difficult times in his personal life.

Michael Jackson is the KING OF POP, a title assigned to him by the millions of fans worldwide and by other artists, among whom he has no equal.

MJ was born in Indiana and for 42 years has built an extraordinary career as a singer, dancer, songwriter and actor.

In 1995, Michael Jackson released his ninth studio album "HIStory Past, Present and Future Book" one of his most ambitious projects. This was a double album, containing 15 hits from Michael’s previous albums and 15 new tracks, the last ones being some of the most personal songs he ever recorded.

"You Are Not Alone" starts just like a lovely romantic ballad and ends in force with Michael screaming from his heart "You are not alone/ I am here with you" and nonetheless, the lyric where he screams "in my heart" for almost 40 seconds.

The song won also a Grammy and American Music Award nominations and was noted for it's nudity scene from the video, which was made by Michael Jackson and his wife at the time, Lisa Marie Presley- daughter of Elvis Presley.

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