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The song "You Are So Beautiful" was written by Dennis Wilson, Bruce Fisher and Billy Preston, the last mentioned being also the first one who recorded the song in 1974, on the album "The Kids & Me".

The one that had a major contribution in making it well known by public and contribute in the creation of an attractive single, was the English singer, Joe Cocker.

He first recorded it on the album released in 1974, called "I Can Stand a Little Rain" and his version was more successful than Preston's, reaching number five in 1975 on Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart, making the containing album become a hit.

Later, in 1982, the song became a hit, being performed by Joe together with Jennifer Warnes, reaching the first position.

The song was not used only to delight Joe's fans, but it was also used with other purposes, like for example by television programs, which used it in commercial purpose, "You Are So Beautiful" being not only performed by Joe, but also by many other artists, not all of them being professionals.

The song appeared also in TV series, like "Knots Landing", in "The Wonder Years", "Home Improvement", in an episode where the version of the song was accompanied by a slideshow of photos of Patricia Richardson as Jill Taylor when she was young, in the episode "Strangers in the Night" of the series "Three's Company", in "The Simpsons" and many others.

As previously mentioned, because it is a beautiful and attractive love song, "You Are So Beautiful" has also an incredibly good sheet music specially transcribed for piano.

The song was performed by many artists, as is the case of Enrique Iglesias, who sang it in the sitcom "Two and a Half Men" as the handyman Fernando and more than that, the song was mentioned in the famous "Desperate Housewives" series, as Susan and Karl's song.

Other remarkable performances took place in great television spectacles, like American Idol, The X Factor in UK and America's Got Talent.

Having a more than a pleasant sheet music, an instrumental version of the song opened and closed titles in the film "Modern Romance" in 1981, which also uses Cocker's version of the song at the end, for underscoring the final scene of the film.

Not only one person powerfully sustained that this song was a remarkable one since its first release, but this is also demonstrated by the large number of people that know, if not the words of the song, at least a piano sheet of "You Are So Beautiful", which can now be not only listened to, but also taught to perform for free charge.

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