Pink - Just Give Me a Reason sheet music

Pink is a charismatic actress, song-writer and singer. She is famous for her unusual attitude that brought her millions of fans over the entire world.

Hits like So What or Just Give Me a Reason smashed the radio, being hummed by a big number of fans.

The song Just Give Me a Reason was recorded in 2012 and is a sung with Nate Ruess.

Pink and Nate wrote the lyrics of this love ballad and the producer Jeff Bhasker helped at the releasing of this track. This song belongs to the album The Truth About Love.

This pop ballad starts with the sound of piano notes, then Pink starts to sing the first verse, along with the chorus. Further, Nate sings in the same version.

The song achieves intensity when Pink and Nate start the duet, singing together the chorus.

Pink and Nate succeeded to release a song that contains a strong message: keep searching for love. Between the lines of this song, a listener could find the strength of trusting in new beginnings. As Pink said, after a break-up, we’re not broken, just bent, and we can learn to love again.

Even though they had this problems when the making the music video, the song became famous very quickly and plenty music channels promoted it.

Also, the song was catchy for the heart-broken listeners who found the lyrics motivational. We offer you the possibility of reinterpret this song by using the piano sheet music right below.

Piano tutorial and cover

Just Give Me a Reason - Pink piano tutorial

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