Bonnie Raitt - Something to Talk About sheet music

Back in the ’70s, Bonnie Raitt succeeded become famous by blending, in an original way, folk-rock with country, blues, and pop.

That is how she gave birth to some hit songs that will never stop being on the lists of the radio stations.

Among these hits, we found the free Something to Talk About piano sheet music and we decided to share this magnificent piece of art with you.

The song Something to Talk About follows, in a great measure, the blues musical style. Besides that, the song has a rock tint, those two musical styles being a good combination.

The melody was written in 1990 by Shirley Eikhard, recorded by Bonnie Raitt and it was released on June 3rd on an U.S. radio station.

The song was included in the album Luck of the Draw, having three versions.

As far as that goes the lyrics, beyond them is hidden a story of the power of rumors.

The entire song talks about human nature, always desirous for gossip. Moreover, the song talks about the influence of rumors in our life: when you hear some gossips that are connected to you, you tend to give them attention, starting to wonder if there is a little tiny piece of truth.

The advice that this song promotes is that you have to give to those who spread rumors about you reasons to do that.

Otherwise said, you have to give them something to talk about.

In addition, that is because people will never keep their mouth close as far as that goes gossiping.

The melodic line is specific of that time, having remarkable country influences over the mixture of rock and blues.

This authentic musical rhythm guaranteed Bonnie’s success and helped her to become a memorable singer.

Among the prizes that Bonnie received is a nomination at Billboard Adult Contemporary chart, earning number five.

In addition, the song earned the number twelve in the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

Alongside this song, Bonnie won a nomination at the Grammy Awards of 1992, succeeding to earn the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance price.

This song was a source of inspiration for everyone. As an example, the producers of the movie The Guardian included an acoustic version of this song in the soundtrack of the movie.

If you feel inspired, as well, by this song, you can use the free Something to Talk About piano sheets we made for you and give us something to talk about.

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